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Fast loans when you need them

Loans are good for 90 days (initially), or 90 days from the "paid to" date on your interest receipt. All loans must be held for a minimum of 72 "business" hours and you will be notified via mail after 60 days that your loan is due in 30 days.

  • Interest: 5% of amount borrowed per month or part of month

  • Storage: $4 per month per ticket

  • Notice: $2 per notice sent


Our fees and charges

Day #3 - 30   = 1 month interest & storage

Day #31 - 60 = 2 month's interest & storage

Day #61 - 90 = 3 month's interest & storage + $2 for notice

Interest accrual for confidential cash loans

*If you need extra time, please contact us - we are willing to work with you if possible.

*Cash only is accepted to redeem a loan.

*Identification is required upon redemption.

Anybody's Pawn Shop is dedicated to loaning you the money you need and accepting a wide variety of items for collateral. We also try to get you your money as fast as possible and work with you to ensure you can meet the deadline to repay the money. After we agree upon the value of your merchandise, we can usually issue the loan quickly and give you your money on the spot.


All loan transactions are confidential and there is never a credit check or proof of employment. You do not have to worry about any legal consequences in the event your loan is not repaid. The loan repay period is 90 days in Ohio.

Need fast cash? Easy and friendly loan services

Visit us

Monday - Saturday:

1525 Wayne Ave

Dayton, OH 45410

Call our family owned and operated pawn shop for friendly service


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